The story behind mercer dancehall

In the fall of 2012, Nicholas and Gay’s daughter, Shelby, walked into the kitchen and said “There is no dancehall in Dripping Springs, why don’t you just build one, Dad?”. And just like that, the Dotin’s adventure to open their very own music venue began. In 6 short months, Nicholas, Gay, and Shelby poured their hearts into Mercer Street Dancehall. February 1st, 2013, they opened their doors and lives to a community that quickly became family. 

The dotin family

As a family built on music, the music industry was nothing new to the Dotins. Nicholas is a musician and sound engineer with over 40 years of experience. His hands built the dancehall’s backbone and his ears brought the music to life. His wife, Gay, has a background in design and sales, an attribute that gave Mercer that “more than just a dancehall feeling”. Their daughter Shelby, is a special education teacher by day and a two stepping queen by night. She spends her time touring bars and venues for new music to bring to the hall. They work as a family in all aspects of the business. From running the bar, sound, ticket entry, to clean up at the end of the night, the Dotins are a true family business.

the rebuild

There has never been a situation that the Dotins couldn’t handle. Leaving the original property being one of those.  Nicholas, Gay, and Shelby did what they knew best and brought Mercer Dancehall back to life in their very own backyard. From the ground up, with endless community  support, the new dancehall looks off into the hill country from its 2,100 sq foot porch. The 1,000 sq ft wooden dance floor spreads across an open room where there is no bad seat in the house. Thanksgiving day of 2018, they opened their doors to the new location off of Ranch Road 12. The Dotins continue to do what they know best, live a life full of music.


Mercer Dancehall

23490 Ranch Road 12

Driftwood, Texas 78619




Sunday: 1 – 7 pm

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 4 – 10 pm

Friday: 4 pm -12 am

Saturday: 4 pm – 1 am